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Infield Coach


 Omar played at Northeastern University, lead his team to a conference championship and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Baseball Yoga!

Chelsea Santa Monica Baseball Academy Yoga coach!

 Chelsea is a  certified personal trainer at Crosroads high school  and one of our SMBA baseball yoga instructors!  

MLB Pitcher Ernesto Frieri

MLB Pitcher Ernesto Frieri

Ernesto has come on board the SMBA Team.  A reliever in the bigs he made his MLB debut  with the Padres and was even with our very on Angels!

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Baseball 2019 Spring Training with SMBA!

Work One On One!

Pitching at Santa Monica Baseball Academy

Players get ready for spring baseball 2019 in Pitching, hitting, fielding and Catching! 

You pick what YOU want to work on to improve your game!

Weekly Clinics Start January 13

Batting at Santa Monica Baseball Academy

Beginners, intermediate to advance players! 

Ages : 7-17

4 week Clinics

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Get player Ready for 2019!

Dalton Blumenfeld coaching catching at Santa Monica baseball academy

Start the 2019 season with confidence and know your game!  *Financial Assistance Available!* 

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SMBA Skill Levels


 - Players of all abilities are welcome. Complete fundamental instruction with beginning concepts, terminology, and knowledge of the game.  Our instructional lessons will be the first fundamental steps toward competitive baseball. Players learn the fundamentals of baseball and how to work as a team for a common goal. Players will learn the basics of hitting, base running, fielding. pitching and throwing techniques at this level. A stronger emphasis will be placed on playing by the rules and setting a strong fundamental baseball foundation to ready players for higher levels of baseball. 

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 While the player should have basic fundamental skills, the goal of this division is to improve the player's skills and to place less emphasis on the competitive aspects of the game. Strong player development will be in effect at the intermediate level. The instructional design is to reinforce fundamental and introduce advanced concepts of youth baseball in a friendly, yet competitive environment with a strong emphasis on instruction and skill development. The focus is still on fundamentals and building a solid knowledge of the positions; the approach and the physical demands of the game. The Intermediate aspects IMPROVES the player, to build confidence, to  prepare the player for increased competition, teamwork and the necessary skill level that players will develop to progress towards their next division or tryout. Intermediate players will fine-tune their skills and develop teamwork to prepare them for the upcoming season. While many players will have basic skills, the goal of the Intermediate clinics is to improve these skills and more emphasis on getting the most out of the player at this stage of his or her development. 

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- The player at this level has attained solid, strong,  baseball knowledge and skills.  The players at this level have developed into strong, confident  baseball players.  The pitching, fielding hitting is more skilled, player development is more advanced and position players are being taught advance techniques to further their skills. Advance  players should demonstrate at all levels, the advance skills, leadership, and maturity with the ability to  enhance their skills development, their rules knowledge, and situational baseball play in a competitive environment. Pitching, catching, baserunning, fielding or hitting  will not stop with coach intervention for introductory rules teaching. Pitchingm Catching, Baserunning, hitting, and fielding will be more aggressive in nature. Their will be more  specialization and coaches will be moving at a faster pace.  The use of “off-speed” pitches, high velocity at bats should be age appropriate when assessing classes. The Advance clinic  provides increased competition, teamwork and skill level that players have developed over the years,  with a strong emphasis on polishing skills, improving dynamics and/or taking the player to a whole new level or approach to the game. The advance level is demanding and requires players full and immediate concentration at all times! 

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SMBA Elite Winter Pitching Camp!

Tim Leary at Santa Monica Baseball Academy

Working With the Best!


Santa Monica Baseball Academy Elite Pitching Camp is a must for serious minded pitchers who want to get to the next level!  1988 World Series Pitcher and LA Dodger Tim Leary will lead this comprehensive pitching camp! 

This camp is a must for any player who wants to compete at the highest level!

Pitchers will be grouped by age and ability.   *Financial Assistance Available!* 

Ages: 10-17

Space is limited!

Sign Up Begins Nov. 6
hunter green with jaeger bands

The Official Home Of The J-Bands

Our camp will provide specialized training from Jaeger Sports coaches, inventors of the J-Bands used in high schools, college and the pro’s! At Jaeger Sports, Training Programs integrate both Physical and Mental Skills which prepares the entire athlete, body and mind, for the practice or performance environment. 

2017 MLB First round draft pick pitcher Hunter Greene with Jaeger Bands.

Registered Players get 50% off Jaeger Bands for camp!  

I want my Jaeger Band Now!

Get Better! Strengthen Your Game!


“The J-Band is a great tool for building and maintaining arm strength through the duration of a long season. I have been using the J-Band for the past three seasons, and have noticed a significant difference in my velocity and arm strength. I also notice the difference going in to the later months of a season, as my velocity has not dropped from the beginning of the season."

Clayton KershawPitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2011,2013, 2014 Cy Young Award Winner, and 2014 MVP Award Winner 

Your SMBA Team!

Pitching Coach

Coach Carlos rojas

West Los Angeles College pitching coach Carlos Rojas 

Hitting Coach

Frank "Doc" Estes Jr.

Frank "Doc" Estes is a product of Southern California Lutheran high school and Cal State Fullerton university. He played professional baseball with the Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves organizations. Currently he is a hitting instructor at Lynwood high school and the MLB Youth academy.

Infield Coach



Justin Marzett is a two time Locke High school SS MVP in 2011 & 2012, and a Coliseum League MVP in 2011,  City Section All League Team in 2011 & 2012, a Southern California All-Wave Team, 2011 & 2012 As a senior his hitting was fierce with a .431 batting average! A highly regarded recruit, Justin went on to Grambling State University to further his baseball career.

Catchers Coach

Dalton Blumenfeld

A CIF  All City Catcher and Loyola Marymount comitt, Dalton Blumenfeld was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  He knows the position, how to swing a bat and is considered one of the top prospect to come out of Hamilton high school!

Pitching & Strength and Conditioning


  Nolan Flashman - Currently the Varsity baseball coach for Windward school.  In 2014 he was named to the All-South Coast First Team, the All-Southern California Team, and was awarded a gold glove as a first baseman. From there he continued his career at CSU Northridge and in 2016 hit .310 in Big West Conference play and earned a Big West Conference All- Academic Team Honor. He  is the  the founder of Flash Total Fitness Training.  

Fitness & Sports Training Coach


 Corey Blount is  currently a Crossroads School of Santa Monica Varsity & Jr Varsity asst. Baseball Coach. He is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. He has trained athletes for soccer, as well as for football, bodybuilding, marathon runners, dancers and currently for the varsity baseball team at Crossroads School in Santa Monica.
He has a passion for helping clients/teams achieve their fitness goals while helping to take their game to the next level!  

Your SMBA Team!

Baseball Yoga instructor

Chelsea Nicole

Chelsea Nicole is our SMBA baseball yoga instructor!  A certified personal trainer, Chelsea brings her vast knowledge of anatomy and body movement to our team! Currently Chelsea is also a high school athletic  trainer working with the Crossroads School  athletic department.

Pitching Coach

Greg Miller

Gregory was a highly recruited standout SS out of high school.  He was an All-Cape Atlantic League and All Group III Courier Post First Team selection  that went on to play college ball at Seton Hall.  Due to his superb athleticism and throwing velocity  he was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers and converted to a  RHP!

Infield Coach

SMBA Coach Omar Pena

 Omar played at Northeastern University and lead his team to a conference championship and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. He played 8 years in the MLB with the Cardinals, Royals and Mariners! This former varsity coach at the Windward school and coach at Caltech university, now brings his amazing experience and coaching to SMBA! 

Infield Coach


Jason Mclaughlin brings a whole lot to the SMBA table!  A one time senior infield instructor and the MLB Youth academy,  he led his MLB youth teams to championships! He is now the head baseball coach at  St. Bernards high school.

Baseball Yoga Instructor

Emily Fuller yoga Instructor

Emily Fuller is bring her yoga talent  skills to SMBA! She is currently a yoga instructor at the Windward school as well as the head swim teacher and also a  Lifeguard and Emergency First Responder!  Your in good hands at SMBA with Emily!

Proven Coaches Who Know the Game!


Coach Avery Ware has brough his talents as  coach to youth baseball in and around Santa Monica for years! He has a whose who of players who went on to great success. He led our first SMBA summer showcase camp to great success. through his coaching!  Coach Avery is the head baseball coach for the Brentwood high school.

We're Proud To Team Up!

Our goal at Jaeger Sports is to help athletes optimize their performance

Jaeger Sports is Teaming Up with SMBA!

 Our goal at Jaeger Sports is to help athletes optimize their performance through Arm Conditioning and Mental Training. We do this through our Jaeger Sports Arm Health and Care Program and our Jaeger Sports Mental Training


ThrowBetter is Teaming Up with SMBA!

 Throwing is an essential skill. Apart from being a fundamental movement in various sports, it is one of the basic activities of life. We created a simple tool that teaches anyone how to throw better, because the benefits will carry on long after the ball hits its target.   Our product works to teach the correct motion, no matter what is being thrown. 


Be a hit at our Spring Break Camp!

All eligible players at our first week camps can enter the MLB Pitch Hit & Run competition! We will spend the first week getting players ready and improving their game!   Major League Baseball Pitch Hit & Run (PHR) is a FREE, 1-day event for boys and girls ages 7-14  You need not register to our camps to participate.

About Us

santa monica baseball academy

Who We Are

 Santa Monica Baseball Academy is a professional developmental baseball camp. This is a co-ed progressive instructional youth baseball program with real professional baseball coaches. Our goal is to teach you how to play the game of baseball the RIGHT way the first time at all levels of athletic ability. We teach all aspects of baseball; the equipment, the game, umpires, and opponents. This developmental program is designed with a direct emphasis on learning the primary fundamentals that lay down the foundation for elite play in baseball.  


Our Home Field

Our baseball camps and our home field in  Santa Monica  will be at Marine Park for  top professional baseball instruction in Pitching, Catching, Hitting and Fielding!  We will kick off Spring Break with TWO camps! Our ALLSTAR camp for advance players and our Spring Break camp featuring MLB's Jr. Home Run Derby & Pitch Hit and Run competition!  the winners will be  eligible to compete in nationals representing Santa Monica!

In addition, 1988 Dodger World Series Pitcher, Tim Leary will be stopping by to hold a mini-clinic with our players!

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Coach Murphy Su'a

Coach Murphy Su'a

SMBA is proud to team up with West Los Angeles College Head Baseball Coach, Murphy Su'a. Coach Su'a will be involved in the coaching during select days of camps as well as utilizing his vast baseball experience as a professional player and coach to help reinforce fundamentals and introduce advanced concepts of youth baseball in a friendly,  environment with a strong emphasis on instruction and skill development.  

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Friends of SMBA!


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 Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again. That's the way life is, with a new game every day, and that's the way baseball is.                                                                                                  --- Bob Feller

Santa Monica Baseball Academy

Santa Monica, California, United States

(424) 272-1431

Our Winter Break Camps continue in December & January!

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Private Instructional Workouts

Pitching Coach


West Los Angeles College Pitching Coach, Carlos Rojas is available for private one one one instruction. 

Catching Coach

SMBA Catchers Coach Dalton Blumenfeld

Dalton Blumenfeld was drafted right out of high school by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! His knowledge and skill in the catchers position is absolutely dynamic!

Hitting Coach


"Doc" is available for private lessons, working one on one with players.  A life time "300" hitter, Coach Doc is just what the doctor ordered!

Fielding Coach

SMBA Coach Justin Marzette

Coach Justin Marzette is available for one on workouts for infield and outfield players. His dynamic workout routine has led to success for all of our players  at each level.

Strength & Conditioning

SMBA Coach Nolan Flashman

Coach Nolan will develop your speed, agility and core strength to make players stronger, faster and better at the game then they ever thought! Working one-on-on, building, strengthening and developing their game to a higher level!

Certified Background Checks!


ALL Coaches and adminstrators for SMBA  are certified with background checks through LIVESCAN and are fingerprinted through the FBI and the DOJ. Your child's safety is a top priority with SMBA!


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Workouts With SMBA Coaches!

High School Freshman pitcher Brendan working out with Coach Nolan Flashman, including strength and conditioning work!

About Us

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SMBA Coaches at work!

Santa Monica Baseball Academy is looking for qualified baseball instructors! Contact us if you would like to know how to be apart of our winning baseball club!

Our Mission Statement

SMBA coaches at Spring Training Camp!



“To develop young athletes, to ensure athletic and personal development in a positive and safe environment with a team of positive-minded coaches that respect the game, the players and the communities in which they reside.”

Who We Are


 SMBA is part of the City of Santa Monica Community Classes and Camp organization. Our athletic directors, coaches, team leaders are all their for the players and their parents every step of the way! We are place of learning, development and we think the sport of baseball is serious fun for everyone that participates. Our goal is to develop our young athletes into capable and accomplished players who enjoy the game and enjoy the camp even more!Please feel free to contact us at anytime for questions about our camps, private lessons or just plain baseball!  

*Financial Assistance Available!* 

We hope to see you at camp!