Santa Monica Baseball Academy

Advance Allstar Camps Start July 15th!

Private Instruction


All of the SMBA coaches are available for private lessons.

 They are available for private instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced players in youth leagues, club, travel,  and high school. 

For lessons, please email us at: santamonicabaseballacademy@gmail.com


One-on-One Instructions

 We offer comprehensive workouts for pitching, hitting, fielding and catching, as well as in sports performance with conditioning, fitness and strength building. 


 For lessons, please email us at: santamonicabaseballacademy@gmail.com 


Professional and Affordable!

 Instructions are offered in 4 weekly session packages per student. Group rates are available upon request. 

 For lessons, please email us at: santamonicabaseballacademy@gmail.com 

SMBA Skills Table




 - Players of all abilities are welcome. Complete fundamental instruction with beginning concepts, terminology, and knowledge of the game.  Our instructional lessons will be the first fundamental steps toward competitive baseball. Players learn the fundamentals of baseball and how to work as a team for a common goal. Players will learn the basics of hitting, base running, fielding. pitching and throwing techniques at this level. A stronger emphasis will be placed on playing by the rules and setting a strong fundamental baseball foundation to ready players for higher level.

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 While the player should have basic fundamental skills, the goal of this division is to improve the player's skills and to place less emphasis on the competitive aspects of the game. Strong player development will be in effect at the intermediate level. The instructional design is to reinforce fundamental and introduce advanced concepts of youth baseball in a friendly, yet competitive environment with a strong emphasis on instruction and skill development. The focus is still on fundamentals and building a solid knowledge of the positions; the approach and the physical demands of the game. The Intermediate aspects IMPROVES the player, to build confidence, to  prepare the player for increased competition, teamwork and the necessary skill level that players will develop to progress towards their next division or tryout. Intermediate players will fine-tune their skills and develop teamwork to prepare them for the upcoming season. While many players will have basic skills, the goal of the Intermediate clinics is to improve these skills and more emphasis on getting the most out of the player at this stage of his or her development.  

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 The player at this level has attained solid, strong,  baseball knowledge and skills.  The players at this level have developed into strong, confident  baseball players.  The pitching, fielding hitting is more skilled, player development is more advanced and position players are being taught advance techniques to further their skills. Advance  players should demonstrate at all levels, the advance skills, leadership, and maturity with the ability to  enhance their skills development, their rules knowledge, and situational baseball play in a competitive environment. Pitching, catching, baserunning, fielding or hitting  will not stop with coach intervention for introductory rules teaching. Pitchingm Catching, Baserunning, hitting, and fielding will be more aggressive in nature. Their will be more  specialization and coaches will be moving at a faster pace.  The use of “off-speed” pitches, high velocity at bats should be age appropriate when assessing classes. The Advance clinic  provides increased competition, teamwork and skill level that players have developed over the years,  with a strong emphasis on polishing skills, improving dynamics and/or taking the player to a whole new level or approach to the game. The advance level is demanding and requires players full and immediate concentration at all times!  

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Workouts With SMBA Coaches!

High School Freshman pitcher Brendan working out with Coach Nolan Flashman, including strength and conditioning work!